Wednesday, November 24, 2010

On Thanksgiving, I am Grateful for You

grateful - the little reminders

To my virtual and otherwise embodied friends & family:

I know that so many of you are going through challenges, that 2010 has been a year filled with anxiety and questions, largely without answer.  To say that this past year has been full of underwhelming hope and disappointing results is an understatement. 

But I am proud to be your friend.  Honored, actually.  If anything, I’ve learned from each of you a great deal about humility, grace and how to operate with compassion when life is dealing a hand that should be tossed back into the pile of discards.   Not once did you complain and say your plight was unfair.   Mostly you said that you were still better off than so many others and that it was just time to muster up more patience and fortitude.

Sadly, one of you folded your tent before anyone could reach out and grab your hand, leaving us breathless with grief and questions without answer.  We kept going anyway, missing you every single day. 

Then there are those of you who can make even the most unfortunate event seem like a glass half full.  You’ve no idea how much your attitude catches on and makes life bearable and even inspirational for so many more around you. 

I’ve watched some of you invent great alternate universes that keep the sanity alive.  I’ve watched some of you create some innovative solutions to ordinary life altering issues.  I’ve seen some of you march forward with enough chutzpah to lend some to others who are in need.  I’ve seen some of you part with precious gifts just to make the world a better place all the while dealing with a pile of things that would undo an ordinary soul.

You are some of the most brilliant people on this planet.   Keep marching.  Keep on speaking.  Keep on being who you are.   That’s all. 

In gratitude I say, pie for all.

And thank you.

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