Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gluten Free is Not a Choice

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Phoebe at the grocery

Greetings fellow Celiacs. There are already some fabulous GF blogs out there, but since so many people ask me questions and seem interested in the recipes we have developed for both humans and dogs, we thought we might take a corner of the virtual world and invite you to share. Just so you know up front, our recipes are as a good friend calls it, fat ass recipes. They are not vegan, low fat, or dairy free. However, they will be full of really good ingredients that if you eat in moderation are not an issue. And of course, gluten free!

I cannot tell you the number of times that people who don't understand Celiac disease tell us that one little bite won't hurt us. YES IT CAN! For someone who has a systemic reaction to gluten, one little bite is sometimes all it takes to send your body to hell for the next three to four days. It is like having the worst flu ever. Usually when you tell people what it can do to you, they tilt their heads and look at you with pity. Some get it. Some do not. But who cares? Just do what you must to stay healthy. Until they invent a nice little no side effects pill for Celiac, then diet is all we have.

I am not going to begin to try to explain the physiological parts of the disease. There are countless websites, blogs and great books that explain it way better than we ever could. Do a google search. And I promise to paste some good links in a future post or two. But our blog will give you some great recipes if you love baking, and love eating baked goods.

Just so you are familiar with us, here is the cast of characters. First up, the Typist. That would be me. I am not a diagnosed Celiac, but I live with one and feel 100% better when I eat gluten free. I test myself from time to time by eating real gluten bread or pastry and yep, gluten is a problem. So our house is totally gluten free. Nary a gluten crumb will you find unless it is hidden in some food with an oddball name that we have yet to understand. It happens. More on that later.

Next up is The Geek who is totally a Celiac. Fully diagnosed and suffered greatly before that diagnosis, he has been gluten free for more than 6 years and life is much better. The terrible allergies, the GI stuff, the bone deterioration, the general crudiness went away.

And last, but not at all least, Lulu and Phoebe, the two Boston Terrier canines who live with us. Actually, they think we live with them. Lulu is a dog- Celiac and it is looking like Phoebe is too. Yeah, I know. No such thing. But I beg to differ. Sure, it isn't a real diagnosis, but there are dogs who just cannot eat gluten. They suffer from skin and coat issues, IBD and all that goes with that, allergies, illnesses, odd behavior issues, and general malaise. Sound familiar? When she eats gluten free, she is healthy, vibrant, no allergies, illness, no intestinal upset and is generally happier. There is a new push for grain free dog foods but that is NOT the same as gluten free dog food. So we cook gluten free for the entire household, dogs included.

So if you are looking for a bit of information on cooking, baking, and generally eating great food for you, for your dog, welcome!

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