Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Holiday (Gluten-Free) Treats for Humans & Pups

For a celiac, the holidays can be a real challenge.  Cookies and tempting treats are everywhere.  And none are usually gluten free.  These are some of the best of the best (links) from Lulu & Phoebe's gluten-free test kitchen.  These are easy to make gluten-free treats that everyone can enjoy this holiday.  Simple, pretty to look at, full fat ass, and they make great gifts.

The chocolate espresso cookies are not only quick to make, you get that high-test jolt right in each bite.  Best of both, espresso and chocolate.  But another espresso on the side doesn't hurt.

a little chocolate high test cookie with your espresso

 And who would want to be without the drunken snowflake cupcakes?  Never mind all those relatives and pesky neighbors.  Treat everyone to these and not one of you will remember that you are annoyed.

a very merry drunken snowflake cupcake

 Macaroons are the easiest thing to whip together, already gluten free, and a fantastic holiday gift.  They keep like crazy and the recipe can make an army of little delights.  Drizzle with chocolate for extra fun.  

coconut macaroons with chocolate drizzle

 My personal favorite are the gluten free black & whites.  Before celiac we used to order them from William Greenberg in NYC.  What a treat that was.  Expensive, but worth every penny.  Then we had to recreate them gluten free.  We worked on them for two years before we got it right.  The black & whites keep for a few days in a tin, but rarely do they last that long.  These are a bit more work but worth every bite.  

gluten free black & whites
For the four pawed friends we love, these woof-licious cookies are all about the crunch.  They take almost no time to prepare, but need to hang out in the oven to dry out.  Lulu and Phoebe, if they could talk, would tell you that they enjoy these cookies even more than popcorn.  And that says it all.

homemade cookie gifts for the pups

cookie taste-tester-catcher in action
From Lulu and Phoebe's gluten-free test kitchen to you - 
Happy Christmas!

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